Long Beach, CA

For many of us within the queer community, coping with our unique sexuality has made our experience on earth challenging. We were never asked to embark on this journey; we were chosen.

Therefore, with every breath that fills our lungs, we are forced to face the universe’s darkness. Many of us are on various levels of accepting this reality. The artwork created within DICKSCOVERIES captures the depths of isolation on the cosmic voyage to self-discovery, serving as a safe place among the stars to create worlds where queer sexual oppression does not exist, and authenticity is infinite. Through our journey of self-discovery, we have realized one thing. no matter how many try to extinguish our light, we will radiate the luminance of a million supernovas.

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359 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013


Monday: closed
Tuesday: 2-8pm
Wednesday: 2-8pm
Thursday: 2-9pm
Friday: 2-10pm
Saturday: 1-10pm
Sunday: 1-8pm