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Carlos Rodriguez



Product Description

High temperature ceramic.

Clay, Manganese Engobes, and Glaze

Height 4.5 in x Length 6.5 in x Width 3.5 in


About the series:

The word fetish comes from the Portuguese word feiticeria, which means “to bewitch.” For me, a fetish is something that puts a spell of fascination on us. Fetish items were initially linked to rituals, just like masks. According to Greek mythology, masks were magical objects through which one could see the world as a god, a warrior, an animal, or whatever the mask represented.

The characters of Horns of Plenty wear their horned masks/helmets inspired by the mythical horns of the gods Osiris, Cernunnos, Pashupati, Pan, Dionysus, figures associated with the masculine principle of creativity, with freedom, play, and fun, with passion being experienced as a religion. They’re also the horns of beasts like the Minotaur, which according to Dante (in The Divine Comedy) guards the entrance to the seventh circle, the homosexual circle. A circle for those who surrendered themselves to instinctive, brutal, whimsical, and unrestrained sex.


About the artist:

Carlos is an artist based in Mexico City, known for his drawings, paintings, and ceramics that explore the male body, sexual desire as a creative impulse, and issues of gender and identity. Inspired by classical painting, naïve art and porn, his playful work reveal scenes of men naturally engaged in their games and fantasies.


  • Weight: 24 oz

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