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Product Description

Flood and plug his guts with FLOW, the new silicone flush-plug from OXBALLS.

Whether you’re into piss up your ass or just plain messy hole-play, FLOW has everything to satisfy your piggy needs.

FLOW’s tapered shape is designed to lock into your hole leaving just the ‘toilet bowl’ base exposed, turning your ass into a urinal just beggin’ to be filled to overflowin’…

Made from pure platinum silicone, FLOW is thick and soft to the touch…not to mention it feels even better when it’s sucking up inside your pucker. Best of all…it’s simple to clean and sanitize after long sloppy sessions.

Works great for slicking up insides too, just fill the ‘trough’ and bowl to the brim with your favorite lube, slide it in, twist, and enjoy the feeling of cool wetness gushing in your guts.

For maximum lube drainage, we recommend placing your finger at the edge of the hollow base and guiding the lube down into his hungry hole while you slowly slip the plug out at a slight angle.


Lube safe:  water-base (recommended), oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes
Cleaning:  detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in bleach-water solution


Stats (Approximate inches/cm):


Total Length:  6”/15.24 cm

Usable Length:  4”/10.16 cm

Smallest Usable Circumference:  4.5”/11.43 cm

Largest Usable Circumference:  7”/17.78 cm

Weight:  7.5 oz.



Total Length:  7.5”/19.05 cm

Usable Length:  5”/12.7 cm

Smallest Usable Circumference:  5.5”/13.97 cm

Largest Usable Circumference:  9”/22.86 cm

Weight:  1lb 2.3 oz

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