Insurgent Extreme Harness & Insurgent D-Ring Jock Neoprene SET

Rough Trade Gear



Product Description

Our newest addition to our Extreme family is the Insurgent Extreme Neoprene Harness. The two separate straps across the shoulder create a unique pop of detail. We love the design of this back panel!

Included with this is the new Insurgent Neoprene Jock. The contouring pouch is detailed with the color trim of your choice. The alluring, additional straps from the pouch to the back straps, invoke attention to that bootylicious ass. It’s a fresh and contemporary twist on our wildly popular RTG D-ring Neoprene Jockstrap. 

By popular demand, we’ve also introduced two new colors as well: GREEN & PURPLE! 

Bring out the SEXY rebel in you with the hot new Insurgent Extreme Neoprene Harness and Jock Set!

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