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J-Lube Lubricant Powder to mix yourself! Perfect for fisting. A white powder for the production of an inexpensive and very slippery water-based lubricant. – rubber compatible – odorless and tasteless Yield: 6-20 liters depending on the dosage Brief instructions for the best result: For an average amount of J-Lube, take four teaspoons (1/4 cup) of J-Lube to 3 1/2 cups Water (you get more information with the bottle).

Application: Mix with water or another liquid, ideally with a mixer or shaker. Due to the powder form, you can experiment with it until you have found the right mixture. Always mix J-Lube fresh or keep it for max. in the refrigerator for three days. Incidentally, J-Lube can also be quickly filled and frozen in portions. J-Lube can be used anywhere and can be removed again without leaving any spots. Recommendation: Mix too thick at the beginning and gradually dilute with liquid until the right consistency – otherwise, you will end up with six liters of lubricant standing around you, which you probably don’t need.

Tip: By adding common table salt, the polymer’s molecular structure breaks down, making it easier to wash off again.

Net weight 284g

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