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Product Description

If you’re a fan of our padded cockrings like HUNG or GRIP, you’re gonna love our newest addition, PLOW.

PLOW is a super soft silicone cockring with a thick extended lip and cyber-punk industrial design. 

PLOW’s unique shape pushes your junk up n’ away from your body…makes your meat look extra hefty n’ mouth watering. 

Your bloated cock will look hot as fuck droolin’ precum n’ spillin’ out over PLOW’s soft squishy lip.

Don’t let PLOW’s rivets and tech design fool you…this fucker is made from our Pure Platinum grade silicone so it’s super soft n’ flexible, perfect for extended comfort wear n’ use.

PLOW is also perfect for beefin’ out your bulge in a pair of painted-on jeans or a tight jockstrap…turn heads while you’re out runnin’ errands or cruisin’ at a sleazy bar.

Wrap PLOW around your junk n’ get ready to plow some ass…turn his hole into a demolition zone…


Lube safe: Water-based (recommended), silicone based, hybrid, oil based.

Cleaning: detergent and hot water, diluted bleach/water solution, dishwasher.


Made in the USA

Pure Platinum Silicone


Stats (Approximate):

Inside Circumference: 4.5”/ 11.43 cm

Outside Circumference: 8.25”/ 20.955 cm

Thickness: .75 -1.5”/ 1.905 cm – 3.81 cm

Weight: 2.1 oz

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